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What Clients Say

"I've known Kathy for the past 4 years and have always felt very drawn and connected to her. Kathy has a way of making me feel at ease and her genuine sense of caring comes across immediately. She is very warm, compassionate, trustworthy and intuitive. "Recently I started working with Kathy because I've been feeling blocked in some areas in my life. After the first session, I immediately felt a sense of calm and lightness. Working with Kathy has helped me find that spiritual connection I've lost and helped me get my thoughts back in a positive direction."

~ Stephanie L, Reiki Client

"My overall experience has been 'wow'. As life twist and turns, sometimes you need a 'Positive Cheerleader' in your corner. Lots of positivity & love. You think your loved ones are not in a good place, however they are and they want me to be in a good place too. They want lots of love to surround me and positive energy. I waited nearly 20 years to be able to connect to my loved ones, hoping that I may one day. It has to be when they feel you are ready. It is an emotional journey & can be overwhelming. It was much easier to have Kathy guide me through, and continues to. As with politics and life, you have to do your research and make decisions from all you have gathered in your life and in what you believe. I know God is my best friend and I ask almost daily for guidance and hope I am following my path. Kathy is able to narrow on areas she feels are being neglected or other ways to handle obstacles. I think we get so wrapped up in routines, we loose site of what God maybe trying to show or to tell us."

~ Rosalie S, Life Coaching Client

"I met Kathy at least 6 years ago when I was undergoing acupuncture for my migraines at 360 Healthcare with Dr. Dong. Every time I would go into the office, I would usually see Kathy smiling, she would always greet me genuinely. Our conversations would be organic, discussing our lives but nothing ever too deep (as we were in a doctor's office!) I lost touch with Kathy after moving away, but tried to keep up to date with her on social media. Until recently, I moved back to Myrtle Beach and reached out to Kathy to learn more about her latest life transition. At first I don't think I was ready to accept her help due to my own pace of acceptance and transition of my life currently. However, now getting to know her more and working with her, I feel such a sense of relief and more understanding of myself through our conversations and her work. When I enter her home, it feels as though I can finally take a breath and feel reassurance to my emotions, what my next steps are and what I can learn to be at peace with. Sometimes during our sessions, I am so amazed at what she says because before coming in I have either thought about, done, or felt exactly what she tells me. Not only does she have a magnificent gift for helping people, but she makes you feel comfortable with her warm presence and her empath nature shows she that shares your feelings with you. If you are questioning her attributes, try to go and speak with her. I guarantee you will leave feeling better and with a new friend who is on your side."

                ~ Ashlea S.

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